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Mister B Padded Canvas Puppy Fist Mitts

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100% Discreet (bank statements and packaging)

Mister B Padded Canvas Puppy Fist Mitt.

Mister B perfectly knows that life on all fours can be hard. To protect the front paws of your pet we’ve therefore carry these canvas Puppy Fist Mitts. When you, your pup or sub wear(s) these, there won’t be any problem playing around on hard or dirty floors or surfaces. And of course, another main advantage of these full grain dog paws is that it prevents him or her fumbling around with fingers in places you don’t want to be touched.

These mitts have been puppy tested and puppy approved. In fact, our very own resident puppy has given these mitts his seal of approval. He thinks these mitts are ideal for crawling on all fours…

These mitts are padded to make standing and walking super comfortable.