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Mister B Leather Pup Play Leash

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Mister B Leather Pup Leash Adult Dog Lead Pup Play Puppy Play Bondage BDSM
100% Discreet (bank statements and packaging)

Mister B Leather Pup Lead

Plain leather design to keep your pup in check!

Total length 39 Inches ( 100 cm )

  • New locking waistband available now!

    10th Dec 2018  Cuddlz

    New locking waistband available now!

    We've added a fab new item and option today, a locking waistband in two sizes and two colours - this can be bought as an option with our Waddle Pants to make them locking or separately to make your own or other items lockable. The waistband is fully

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  • 22nd Nov 2018  Cuddlz

    New long sleeve options and mitten sleeve options launched today on all our fleece and wincyette onesies

    Just in time for the cold weather! We have a some new options on our fleece and wincyette onesies and waddles. You can now choose the standard short sleeve, a long sleeve, or a specially designed long sleeve with a mitten sewn on the ends of the arms

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