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Mister B FETCH Rubber Lockable Puppy Mittens

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Black Mister B FETCH Rubber Puppy Mitts Fetish Pup Play BDSM Bondage ABDL Locking Mittens
100% Discreet (bank statements and packaging)

Mister B FETCH Rubber Puppy Mitts.

Limit your pup’s dexterity with these Mister B FETCH Rubber Puppy Mitts because well, do you know any pup or dog who has fingers they can use?

Made of 0.80 mm thick rubber, these mittens have lockable wristbands, so once they’re locked on, they stay on! Locks are included.

One size fits (almost) all.

With a rubber paw appliqué in contrasting colour. These rubber Puppy Mitts are black, with paw in black, red, yellow, neon green or metallic blue.

*Allow 3-4 Days before dispatch.