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Bound to Please Lockable Silicone Dog Bone Gag

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Bound to Please Lockable Silicone Dog Bone Gag For Pup Play BSDM Bondage Human Puppy Play Master & Slave
100% Discreet (bank statements and packaging)

Silicone lockable bone gag from Bound to Please.

Realistic rawhide bone-shaped silicone mouth gag with black straps Ideal for puppy roleplay.

Suitable for vegetarians and for those with an aversion to leather Made of body-safe, tasteless, smell-free silicone 1 inch mouthpiece prevents speech 2 O-rings on each side for added creativity and variety.

Allow 2-3 days before dispatch.

Fully adjustable, 10-hole buckle fastening system Padlockable buckle for ultimate security.

Strap Circumference: 46cm-62.5cm/18.11”-24.6”
Bone length: 14.9cm/5.86”
Bone circumference: 8.5cm/3.34"